Charity Zap's Story

Hi, my name is Alex Pinker, founder of Charity Zap. I have been involved in Charity fundraising and donor acquisition since 2009. I have worked with many high profile charities as well as numerous small locally based charities and I know how challenging it is to find committed supporters who are willing to donate to the cause. However, what frustrated myself and my colleagues immensely was seeing all our hard work sometimes completed wasted when supporters lost interest and no longer donated to the cause. It was hard to re-motivate and go again when we all felt we were on some kind of hamster wheel! This was especially prevalent to small charities who could ill-afford to waste a single penny.

I decided I would tackle the problem. I conducted my own research and spoke to supporters who were no longer donating and there became a common theme. It was all down to a lack of communication.

Supporters would hear next to nothing from their chosen charity and the impulse to donate would dissipate and if a charity was running a lottery or raffle, few supporters would hear who had won the prizes. In the worst cases, supporters were losing some of their trust that their money was being well spent.

Through my experience, I know how difficult it is for charities to communicate with their supporters as it is very expensive and time-consuming.

Charity Zap has been developed for the benefit of any charity or good cause to communicate at ease with their donors. When a supporter downloads the app onto their device and chooses their favourite charity the app immediately brands itself to that charity. The app displays information and history of the charity plus how to contact the charity if a person needs help. Importantly, it will give up to date news of any events, fundraisers and appeals as often as the charity wants. If the charity runs a lottery a supporter will receive a push notification every time a new draw is made. They can check the latest or historical results at will.

Charity Zap has also sourced a face to face marketing team that can deliver new donors with the app on the donor’s device or will visit existing donors to promote the app.

I believe Charity Zap has solved the problem of a lack of communication between a charity and their supporters. This will help smaller charities to keep their donor base and build upon it, ultimately growing the charity and what it can do for its cause…

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