Connect with more supporters than ever before

Place your charity or appeal in the hands of an exponential number of targetted users – 24/7.

Keeping ahead of the game in this industry is crucial to the growth of our customers’ fund raising efforts. Charity Zap is pioneering this initiative digitally, and the scope this now allows is enormous!

Alex Pinker

Traditionally, a lot of our onboarding and appeals are carried out face to face, the fact that we can now communicate with our supporters instantly is a total game changer for us.

Simon Granger

Charity Zap is such a unique concept, with nobody else doing this in the current marketplace, the possibilities of this type of interaction are limitless. The uptake so far has happened so fast - why didn’t we do this sooner?

Carl Stevens

Instant Supporter Communication

Communicate to your supporters & players instantly using push notifications. Easy access means greater interactivity and traffic to your website or donations page.

Avoid Supporter Drop-Off

Greatly reduce attrition by frequent usage, customers will regularly connect and interact due to timely posting of news and lottery results.

Expert Application Development

Created by world-class App developers, designers and driven by professional project managers. Completely adaptable and future-proof technology.

Face-to-face Help and Support

Where required we can promote and help the customer download their App onto their device at point of sale on-site.

Multi-Channel App Promotion

Ability to promote the App via other channels with your own install link (in emails, on websites, social media, other marketing materials…)

Future Development Possbilities

There are further plans to develop the App with exciting additions in the near future.

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